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Your company has spent a small fortune on a website, only to find that it is not generating enough sales to justify the cost.  Advertising hasn't helped, and the site is clumsy and difficult to navigate.  The pressure is on to find a solution.


The website was designed by expert web designers, after a series of interviews with your company to glean enough information to create the site.  But the web designers weren't speaking your language, and your business people weren't fluent in techno-speak.  The site creation process became one of the web designers bringing back iterations of the site for demo that were not meeting the original design goals, and the job ran on for too long.


With our experience in the business discovery process, our  consultants can translate every day business needs and functions from plain language to the language of technology.  We can work with you to select the proper web design firm, oversee the process, keep the information between your company and the design firm fluid, and see the project to proper completion.   MRE Consulting Group is uniquely qualified in our ability to speak both languages necessary to accomplish the task.

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