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Your company has a collection of computers, software, and business  methodologies built up over the years.  Despite the time and effort put into acquiring and configuring these systems, you still are not getting the needed information to make business improvements and critical decisions in real time.


Although a considerable amount or time, money, and effort has been put into your existing business systems, they have grown incrementally over time, without a cohesive plan that takes all aspects into consideration.  Additionally, the system was trying to cope with existing ways of doing business that have  never been questioned, with the result that ineffcient policies and methods have simply been cloned electronically.


Bringing in someone from the outside is the obvious first step to  resolving the above business situation.  An experienced outside firm can have a totally different perspective from in-house resources, and ask questions that would never even be asked by employees or existing resources.  With a fresh look and experience tackling a situation, receptive businesses are invariably pleased that they now can identify the problem areas and implement suggested solutions.

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